Sitemap - 2022 - Sternal Journal

I happen to think this was the best Sternal Journal of 2022

The Most Useful SternJourn Recs of 2022

"A Spread of Joy To Many"

Rise of the Violet Desperados

Greetings from the Expiry Diary

The Wikipedia fundraising email that would actually work

I will never forgive Anthropologie

"Jane Eyre Farting in the Moors"

Julian Stern Keeps Trying

If a foot pics in the forest...

A room quickly filling with water

"I thought it was gonna be sixteen bars tops"

Flora, Fauna, Facienda

Why I'm trying out TikTok's BeReal knockoff

A Few Words On/From the Barnes & Noble at the Grove

Why is everybody talking about Standing Os all of a sudden?

Come on, face dryers are scams, right?

That's Fringe, Baby

The Greatest Street Performance I Have Seen At Fringe

Find the tomatoes!

Why aren't all toilets like this toilet?

"Comedians are nefarious PERIOD."

Forgettin' it all to perfect a donut

Big wallopin' universal truths

Jostlin' in the aftertimes

Hello, Mr. Gerald

Dribbling to Uncle Drew and Pestering to Brandi Carlile

I think we're 18 months out from an AI-generated Netflix special

Phoning in the Sternal Journal is an act of self-care


Wordle Revisited

A completely fightable rule about storytelling that I am laying down regardless

Frances and Jack Ha

Look at this sick flyer

"I'm a Sagittarian who's done DMT and I can't hide it anymore."

In the Moment of the Stanky “Oh No”

Loose-ish and Goose-ish

How to enjoy a shower beer

Bit of a Hollywood Anarchist

It's not that fun to be in a room with celebrities

I have a TikTok actively going viral

Pictures of Postcards of Paintings

Floored by a paragraph about a tree

The Smile on Cantankerous Jackson

The Refreshing, Kinda Wacky, Egalitarian Sex Positivity of Jack Harlow

"A MONkey taking a CRAP"

I was on a plane that had to land twice

The greatest two typos of all time?

Sit at a cool desk today

More wordle, less metaverse

Revisiting the East LA Courthouse Waiting Room Wall of Fame

The Sternal Journal 2021 Clip Show