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America isn't that big; I literally just checked.

Took some pictures in an alley for you

Most writing is bad which is okay buuuut

8 New Howdy-fied Empty Questions

Run-on sentences about worrying, rejection, and greatness

The Thrilling Conclusion of Hot Dog On a Train

The greatest name of all time for real I'm serious.

You will suck at phone banking. It's still worthwhile.

Tinder in a box, that's a dry ass forest

Who doesn't love discussion questions?!

I made this for you. How nice of me.

A lady puking a fish, recommended by RBG (truly)

Selena Gomez does not owe us a good personality

A New Adventure of the HotDogOnaTrain

Me, 10, flipping shits at Michael Eisner

A Sternal Journal Returnal

If I knew NBA players could hug during COVID

On mourning the tiny ass moments too

"make even Sam Elliott piss his pants"

A wild-ass word-nerdy thing about penitentiaries

Wherein I continue to lie to you

The best paragraph I read this week

All the things this Julian Stern can think about

Feet in a kiddie pool, Brian Eno in my ears

A hot dog on a train

Volunteer opps, new word for doodying. Typical Julian.

I took a little field trip + George's Podcast

A matching donation to BLM plus a mini-book club

Prosecute Killer Cops Defund the LAPD

The One Where Julian Learns About When Mustaches Happen

Still counts! + 3 words I've invented in quarantine

Appreciate your moms, teachers, and journalists this week!

SterJour Notable Moment of Sport #1: Jesse Owens!

Reading Deprivation and Chainmail Debts

Y'all like time travel? What about book clubs?

But what does quarantine mean?!

A surprise guest joins the journal and we mourn a great one



Travelogue Month Continues(!) With A Thing From August

Turns out you all love reading my nonsense during work hours

Wherein I make fun of a dumb Peloton ad.

I just learned that "hippo" means "horse" and it's-

Listen to Kesha, Vote Yes on R, Zapruder > Bad Boys

A Musical Sternal Exclusive and a Happy Anniversary!

[Disclaimer: language!] How old do you think motherfucker is? I'll tell you, motherfucker.

How (and why) I got way too (LEGALLY) high to enjoy Greta Gerwig's Little Women

Journalin' and Sternalin' into the new decade! A stand-up vid, a show, and some other recs!