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12 Snippets of SternJourn for you to nibble on

Ruining a piano bar and a little harmless sass

In defense of short-ass runs

Some articles about homelessness that are bopping around my head right now

Grandpa [REDACTED] and the state of comedy

Anatomy of a Jiggle

Ozymandias (Taylor's Version) (Olivia's Version)

I went to the Eras Tour movie

I said way too much on a podcast

The Importance of Being Earnest and Blurty

I used Chat-GPT to do my taxes

And another thing!


What I Think About When I Think About the Men Thinking About the Roman Empire Thing

Julian's 10 Tips For Trying New Things

Who Knew Jake Tapper is a Cartoonist??

Bashing our who-we-were with our who-we-wish-we-were

Not-mare at 20,000 Feet

Writing about fear of flying while flying

Julian Sternal Keeps Journaling

Julian Sternal Keeps Journaling

A Violent Act of Desperation Returns!

Edinburgh Fringe Q+A

There is strength ... in being a goober

Sternal Travelogues: Athens! (Part 2)

Sternal Travelogues: Athens! (Part 1)

Happy Heebie-Jeebie Centennial!

The best Instagram Scammers I've ever seen

Concerned bystanders and heavy hills

Egads! And other exclamation point meanings

"Uh-huh." The greatest two syllables in Succession

Invisible Hands: an AI-generated show

Crosswalk: The Musical: The Ending: The Essay

The best thing I read this week was

I need u to remember no cheese doin it better

Wine Breath: A classic Julie Short Story Fragment

What's with all these late 20th century corporate biopics?

GPT-4 and I are best buds gettin' absolutely lit in one of our parents' basements.

GPT-4 did not write this SternJourn

SURPRISE! Saturday SternJourn

In Defense of the Sunset Strip

A stranger on the internet was very nice

Hot take: murderers are boring

A little polka ditty

A real upending of form

One really stupid lyric I wrote

Shoo-bee-doo-bees and Seat Belt Signs

Nobody Deserves Mark Curry's Scraps!

Nobody is really 34 except me and George Santos

Uber to Malibu

The Clunky Glory of S2ernJ0urn22

The Latest SternJourn of all time