Sitemap - 2021 - Sternal Journal

It's about to be a WHAT? An ELF FIIIIIGHT

POV: You're my most supportive friend

Birthdays are once a year. Birthday *times*? Twice a day!

Julian's Big New Rule for Dunking on the Internet

Scooter Braun Does Not Have a Playwriting Degree From Emory University and I Do

An argument against revision

"Your features are intensifying:" Dancing-Plus-Rapping with Ben Kassoy

Happy seeing-people-in-silly-and-elaborate-costumes-do-mundane-things Day!

Sternal Cenny 3: BROKEN PROMISES

The Sternal Centennial Best of the Rest!

The Sternal Centennial Mega Playlist

The Sexiest Building on the Atlanta Skyline

"I Feel Like He's Every True Comic's Soul"

Who The Hell Does Ben Platt Think He Is?

Bad Drawings Of Good Ideas

Let They Who Is Without Procrastination Dunk The First Ye

"I can make my bed every morning and still listen to Boston ska punk."

The Ballad of Sheila Lucey

Julian’s Unifying Theory of Endings He Thought of After Watching 1917

A D.C. show, a winner to a contest nobody knew was happening

Tell me how to be better for my birthday

I am the King of the Sky!

Whim-whams and Spam-Jams and lemon-lams

What I learned drawing some goofy-ass Ezra Klein fan art

"I'm confused. Aren't you a comedian?"

There's a raffle! You love raffles!

"It's embarrassing to try to become famous on the internet."

It's not what you said in your hit-record adlib; it's how you said it.

What We The Best About: Khaled Lost at Sea

"I Can Pretty Much Tell You That This Won't Fly."

What We The Best About When We The Best About DJ Khaled

Smooches and Ginger Ale

"Insecurity is a venomous narcissism"

"You knew I was a scorpion."

Throwing spaghetti at the wall but also each other

My "My Octopus Teacher" Teacher

On Not Letting Ideas Float Through or Around You

Send me your--now hear me out--bowel pictures

An L.A. Tragedy Success + An L.A. Tragedy Failure + another story

Grey-area vaccine justification is an act of cowardice and should be announced with the appropriate shame

Creepy Crawlers, Wonder, and Optimism

Introducing: L.A. Tragedy Clothes

It's still fun to have fun while not having fun

The Reply All Thing is Such a Bummer

Oh My Slimy Sacred Gunky God

Dobby: R U M S P R I N G A

It's so terrifying to be asked how you're doing

Welcome again to my failure resume!

Galleria de Gunther

Old People! Come Ruin TikTok, Please!

The Sternal Journal 2020 Clip Show