The Sternal Centennial Mega Playlist

Every Piece of Music I've Ever Recommended

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Sternal Journalists New and Old!

First up, I have shows in the next few weeks! Put one in your cal and come on out!

Thursday 10/14 7PM - Hosting Can’t Even Comedy at Mama Shelter (Selma+Wilcox)
Saturday 10/16 9:30PM - Stand-Up @ Third Wheel Hollywood (Santa Monica + Normandie)
Thursday 10/28 7PM - Stand-Up @ Mama Shelter
Saturday 11/6 6:30PM - Stand-Up @ Delicious Pizza (Seward and Sunset)

But now to some cute news.

On December 10th, 2018, I sent you the first Sternal Journal. I shared this picture of myself:

And recommended this album:

And I bring this up, Sternal Journalists, because here, in the early hours of October 11th, 2021, I’m now sending you the ONE HUNDREDTH STERNAL JOURNAL!!!

If you’ve been here since the beginning, I truly appreciate you allowing me to show up unannounced but with relative punctuality for the past couple years. If you’ve joined recently, welcome! I’m told I’m just now hitting my stride, so you haven’t missed much.

This week, for our hundredth issue, I’m doing something a little bit different. As you know, I end every Sternal Journal with a few recommendations of things I enjoyed that week. Out of all the aspects of the Sternal Journal I don’t put much thought into, the recommendations reign supreme. I almost always forget I even have to do them.

So I thought it might be fun to compile every rec I’ve ever included in a Sternal Journal and share the collection with all of you. As for whether it was fun? It was very much not. It was some of the most grueling and tedious work I’ve ever done and I will almost certainly not be doing this for Sternal Bicentennial.

But I did it this time. What you have below is the fruit of that labor in the form of a list of every single song, album, or artist I have recommended in one of these e-mails. While I compiled the other mediums I recommend in, I did not have time to format them all so nicely as I did the music stuff below, so I’ll be sharing the film, short film, movies, books, and one beer recommendation in coming weeks (because I’m celebrating the centennial the way I celebrate my birthday: for as long as people allow me to!)

If you’d just like to listen to a playlist that has a song from every single artist, album, or single on this list, I put a lil’ Spotify playlist together for you right here:

But if you wanna peruse for the ones that pique your interest, take a gander below! (And yes, I did put my own music on there. Of course I did.)


2 Live Crew (general)

Always On My Mind, Willie Nelson (1982)

Ambient 1/Music for Airports, Brian Eno (1978)

Amor Prohibido, Selena (1994)

Baby Gravy 2, Yung Gravy; bbno$ (2020)

Becoming (Music from the Netflix Original), Kamasi Washington (2020)

“BIG PAPER,” DJ Khaled ft. Cardi B (2021)

Blonde, Frank Ocean (2016)

“Bloody Mary Morning—Live at Harrah’s Casino,” Willie Nelson (1978)

“String Quartet No. 15 Op. 132 III,” Beethoven (1825)

Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler, the Creator (2021)

“Cat Daddy,” Rej3ctz (2011)

Bayou Country, Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)

“Change,” T-Pain (2008)

Cottonwood. NLE Choppa (2019)

“Crazy Mama,” J.J. Cale. (1972)

Detroit 2, Big Sean (2020)

Dirty Laundry,” Danny Brown

DMX. (general)

“Don Don,” Daddy Yankee (2020)

“family ties,” Baby Keem; Kendrick Lamar (2021)

“Feels So Good,” Chuck Mangione (1977)

Fetch the Boltcutters, Fiona Apple (2020)

“FREESTYLE” (2020)

Getting Into Knives, The Mountain Goats (2020)

High Road, Kesha (2020)

“I Saw Her Standing There” Little Richard (1970)

“Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X; Jack Harlow (2021)

“Industry Baby but Its Lofi,” Usama Thakur (2021)

Jazz in Silhouette, Sun Ra and His Arkestra (1959)

“Joust Me,” A.Leech (2021)

I’m Your Man, Leonard Cohen (1988)

LIVE 2019, Louis Cole (2020)

Megan Thee Stallion (general)

“No Friends In The Industry,” Drake (2021)

“On The Sunny Side of the Street,” Willie Nelson; Tony Bennett (2011)

Paid in Full, Eric B and Rakim. Album.

Please Please Me, The Beatles (1963)

Prince (general)

“Put Your Records On,” Ritt Momney (2020)

Reverie, Ben Platt (2021)

“Rascal,” RMR (2020)

“Roaring 20s,” Flo Milli (2020)

Ruby, Macy Gray (2018)

“Rumors” Cardi B; Lizzo

“Sanremo,” MIKA (2019)

“Silk Sonic Intro,” Silk Sonic (2021)

“Slow Motion Doves,” The Shadowboxers (2021)

So Help Me God! 2 Chainz Album.

Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder (1976)

“Sunny Came Home,” Shawn Colvin (1996)

“Thank You For Using GTL,” Drakeo the Ruler; JoogSzn (2020)

“That’s What They All Say,” Jack Harlow (2020)

The Fall of Hobo Johnson, Hobo Johnson (2019)

The Highwomen, The Highwomen (2019)

“The Night,” Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (1972)

The Relaxing, Relatable Zoom Diddy Demo, Julian Stern [me!] (2020)

The Rise of Hobo Johnson, Hobo Johnson (2017)

“The Road Goes on Forever,” The Highwaymen (1995)

Tony’s B**** Track,” Frank Ski (1992)

“WAP,” Cardi B; Megan Thee Stallion (2020)

“Who Let the Dogs Out,” [Pitbull Rugrats movie version] Baha Men (2000)

“W**res In This House,” Frank Ski (1993)

“Wintertime in June,” Snoop Dogg; Nate Dogg (2019)

“Won’t Ever Say Goodbye,” The Shadowboxers (2020)

“You Were Meant For Me - Demo,” Jewel (1995)

“Zayn Malik,” Swet Shop Boys (2016)

Holy shit that was more work than it looks like. If you scrolled down this far, thank you for reading and hopefully being reminded of some songs you fell in love with over the past couple years (got some faves? Pop em in the comments!). And since we’re down here, I can’t leave you with nothing. My sole rec for the week is:

Chicken Shop Date. YouTube series. A very funny woman in the UK named Amelia Moldenberg has somehow finessed a job where she takes rappers to fast food chicken places (of which there are apparently myriad types in London) and interviews them. My favorites are Daniel Kaluuya and Jack Harlow.

And with that, I thank you once again for the first 100 Sternal Journals and am very excited to kick off the next 100! There should be some exciting things (and hopefully never again cornering myself into completing a really just awful data research project on my own disorganized writing) just around the corner!

Much love!