Tell me how to be better for my birthday

(I mean, just the Sternal Journal—not “me” me)

Read time: 2 minutes + one quick response! (Apologies for forgoing acknowledgements! I’m typing on my phone today!)

Greetings, Sternal Journalists!

If I’ve done things correctly, you are now seeing the Sternal Journal under a new logo. It is a cool “S” and “J” that are almost touching, but not quite, and both a delicious shade of Orange. I got myself this logo for my birthday (it was on Wednesday—belated happy returns are very allowed) and it’s an attempt to class up this weekly missive that you have kindly welcomed into your

And as a second gift to myself, I am letting myself ask for a gift from YOU, dear reader. If you read this far, answer me this one question:

What is your favorite and/or the most marketable thing the Sternal Journal has ever done? And if your answer is *absolutely nothing, the Sternal Journal is a nuisance and as slippery and uncommercial as a sea cucumber with an MFA in dance,* then: What is something you think it would be good for the Sternal Journal to do if the Sternal Journal ever wanted you to forward it to somebody?

I’ve been writing these once a week for almost two years now, and I think it’s time to level-up, so truly any answers to this question will be helpful! Such answers could include: do more interviews! Do more DJ Khaled stuff! Do a podcast! Do less DJ Khaled stuff! More poetry, more humor, longer, shorter, exactly 6.5 min read time, any of these things!

I look forward to reading your answers! And also, I’m lying on the floor to be close to my phone charger because I was at a wedding this evening and hadn’t prepared this Sternal Journal, so I’m just typing it on my phone before I lose all access to electronic devices,

SO I only have one recommendation and it is this TikTok about how many times Uptown Funk was sued.

Much love to all! Happy birthday to me and everyone else who had birthdays this week (there are frankly a lot of you)!